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Devil In the Detail

Looking for an easy uplift in business process and at the same time managing your regulatory requirements well above the threshold?

In our recent post we discussed the seemingly paradoxical objectives of market participants, who prefer to use multiple communications channels, and regulators who require the capture all communications.

Both are possible, as you will see.

At Revista Systems we have looked at the issue and make the following observations:

  1. Recording voice, archiving emails and scanning chat consumes resources and may not prove to be satisfactory – what is relevant and what is not;
  2. Regulatory spend is more effective with added business uplift;
  3. Challenges to voice in particular; may increase the inclination to reduce high-touch voice transactions, thereby losing competitive advantage and profit.

The Revista Systems CCM (Communications Convergence Manager) offers extra business value with simple, reduced workflow that assists with client and business management – while significantly bolstering regulatory compliance.

The REVISTA CCM reduced workflow structures communications, facilitating retrieval of all relevant communication, removing the guesswork.

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