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Record Keeping: 4 ways to Keep It Real...

From concept-to-deployment-to-use, the Communications Convergence Manager is a simple solution.

Room-filling legislation being imposed on the financial industry globally, and financial services business managers need simple solutions to fulfill their regulatory compliance, or risk sinking millions into solutions that don't help them comply, and in some cases simply do not work.

That said, there are simple, effective solutions available, that provide good value, integrates widely and dramatically improves workflow. If you are involved in financial services, here are 4 reasons why you should use the Revista Systems' Communications Convergence Manager (CCM).

1.  Keepin' it:  Simple

The CCM is simple to use and very effective. Keeping it simple from deployment-to-workflow-to-ownership!

The user interface is intuitive and reactive, and it is automated as much as possible...  By deploying the latest open source code and techniques, the interface is very functional, stable and instantly understandable.

Keeping it simple - simple solutions to record keeping will work

When deploying CCM, manual workflow will be substantially reduce in relation to new compliance measures.  The platform captures annotations, files, calls, recordings, email, chat, and so on - structuring them against enquiries. All communication is logged and recorded as they are undertaken.

Automation, integration and ease of use contribute to the benefits of the CCM - as does a simple design!

2. Keepin' it Innovative

While the CCM is simple and easy to use, it is also innovative. The platform works to make the capture and allocation of transaction related communication in real-time and automated (where possible).

The design recognises the convergence of communications technology and integrates with existing systems to enable processes to remain the same where they add value and to be automated where they don't.

3. Keepin' it: Real

It's fair to say that not all new technology is immediately applicable to workflow that has been in existence for generations. Let me explain.

Consider voice recognition or voice-to-text and it's application within regulatory transaction reconstruction. Using voice recognition to reconstruct trades involves key word searches of all electronic communications.

keep it real - Artifical intelegence is complex and futuristic

But how will they do this? What words do you search for when rebuilding a transaction? There is generally no transaction number prior to the transaction being booked and are dealers, traders and clients meant to drop it into calls as a 'marker'? Even if they do, the technology is still not reliable enough to pick up key word data on a consistent basis.

The CCM is a live application; using existing technology that is working now and ready to deploy. It uses workflow and interfaces that are proven in areas of social media, financial services and big data analytics.

4. Keepin' It ... 

That's right we need to keep it for years. And it's best to keep it all, because you don't know what is relevant to an enquiry or trade until after it has happened. 

Data warehouses are an inevitable consequence of record keeping, and the CCM helps in minimising search time and duplication within these warehouses.

Big data - fca rules mean that data is stored for years So much data!

Communications data can be stored on the platform or in existing data warehouses. All this data is indexed against enquires and trades at the time that the data is generated.

Rapid retrieval of communications data for regulatory consumption or business analysis is guaranteed when a Revista Systems CCM is deployed.

:: Deploy the CCM!

There are many benefits to deploying the CCM and capturing and keeping track of call recording data, emails, chat and any other data is just the beginning of the functionality of the CCM.

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