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Whatcha gonna do with all that junk!

See how Revista enriches data you already collect for better compliance and powerful decision tools.

Best practices for data enrichment, workflow, and compliance.

Regulations are increasing and your staff have a growing list of communication options – this results in massive data collection by your business and the volume grows exponentially.

Each new regulation brings a new set of business rules and in most organisations it typically results in new data warehouses to duplicate what they already have. In the absence of a good data strategy and a coherent data structure, sooner or later these valuable terabytes turn to junk.

What are you gonna do with all that junk?

Key points

  1. In financial markets, data is already being collected by participants;
  2. Data is likely to be junk if not structured correctly – linking is the only way to do this;
  3. Revista Systems have just released a SaaS to resolve this issue for clients.

In future posts we’ll go through some of the new features that leverage automated and manual linking plus the nuts and bolts of what the application looks like.

In this post we look at the following equation:

Revista Saas deployment = better compliance + better workflow + better insights...

Let’s start at the end, and work back to the beginning:

Better Insights

Business and personal overheads account for 35% of voice calls and 75% of emails. Did you know this? It might be the case, and you can only find out with business intelligence (BI). Did you know that your sales staff are averaging 50 lines of chat and an hour’s phone call for every deal closed, except for the top 10 clients? Or, the Tokyo office nearly always requires manual intervention at settlement, unlike your head office where deals break 1% of the time.

It would be great to know this.

BI is a driver for business improvement and enables businesses to find advantages over competitors, serve their clients better and identify practices that make – or currently cost - profit.

All that junk can give insights and intelligence you currently may not possess.

Neat, huh?

Better Workflow

People are pretty important at Revista and we also recognise that their workstyle is not homogenous. Additionally, we recognise that customers are not all the same – their workflows differ from business unit to business unit and person to person.

What’s different? Revista workflow is not prescriptive, but rather is human based. Each business can setup their workflow differently and then humans control when and how deals move through the stages.

Better Compliance

Under MiFID II, the requirement for record keeping is reasonably clear. An ability to demonstrate transaction reconstruction is a requirement for all market participants. This means, when requested, all relevant communications to a transaction must be provided in a timely manner.

In the absence of linking communications records to deals or transactions, transaction reconstruction (or surveillance triage) is like putting humpty dumpty back together again!

poor old humpty "Very soon I'll be junk too..."

At the risk of repetition, your business already has this data – but they probably don’t know where it is…

Revista SaaS deployment =

Deploying the Revista Systems SaaS = all of the above.

The Revista SaaS deployment is easy. Simply sign-up and share with your staff. The SaaS platform has built-in connectors to various communications, including email and messaging, plus we have a rest API to push the rest of your records into our system.

We can support your existing automation and AI via our API and as users manage their communication, their own rules are built up over time.

The solution is designed to complement what you already have, and enrich the data you are already storing to make it usable for business improvement, profit and compliance.


Revista Systems has just released its SaaS solution for linking records. This is a Cloud solution which builds on the previous Beta enterprise version (released several months ago). Simply put, businesses can now link any data records to any other data records.

The Revista SaaS solution is the best way to create links between different communications records and the deals or transaction that make your business.

In financial markets, the reasons to do this are for regulatory compliance, workflow and BI. Compliance needs to be efficient. Workflow needs to be flexible. BI requires the data enrichment by linking to make it viable.

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The Revista CCM is the only platform that links communication metadata to enquiries and transactions, and enables this to happen in real time at any stage in the transaction lifecycle.

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