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Link Everything

A sales person in London can take a voice call and instantly link it to one or many enquiries!
While in Hong Kong a settlements operator can chat with a client via an IM stream which is automatically assigned to the relevant transaction executed last year…

The platform captures phone, mobile, email, chat, intercom & hoot, files, other records and notes. Using an intuitive user interface and simple automation these are allocated or linked to enquiries or transactions.

RMS Integrate All Communications

Step 1: Integrate all communications

Integrating all communications channels with the CCM and capture, coalesce & normalise all communications channel data by user.

Use our integration components or send your own information to our rest-API.

Step 2: Create and structure enquiries

Human initiated transaction involve some elements of pre-trade workflow - the enquiry phase. The CCM creates standard enquiries and transaction frameworks using bespoke templates which can then be 'traded' or confirmed directly, or using a feedback-loop from the booking system.

All data persists whether traded or not.

Step 3: Allocate records to enquiries or transactions

The user interface is unique to the CCM and allows users link communication records to transactions in real-time.

Automation and learning is used where possible. So for example if you are viewing an enquiry in the CCM and use your intercom, allocation will be automated to this enquiry.

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