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Revista has a slack integration in beta ...
like the sound of it - what does it do
supercharge productivity in transactional based teams
Most teams are transactional eg cases...
See you on slack...

Deep Linking To Slack...

Transaction, deal or case centric functionality to help teams improve workflow & supercharge productivity.

Teams use messaging 9:03am

Slack is easily understood and easy to use, straight away. Most importantly, it connects people – and that’s what teams like about it.

In general terms, people are increasingly turning to messaging as their preferred medium of communication.

The nuances of the messaging over email are not easily articulated, but it seems to fit better with the way we do things. Maybe it's because email can be cluttered and conversations non-linear, and so confuses our logical brains.

For Productivity...9:55am

There are so many content options => teams can receive messages about literally ANYTHING.

Messages are pushed by other users, bots or apps and pulled by users using bots. For example the slash commands are a powerful way to make content accessible to users, in real time.

However, transactions need context6:13pm

Output can nearly always be considered as a form of transaction, it just depends on what you call it. It may be a trade, project, task, case, file or a deal. Workplace teams exist to create output and the output can normally be broken down to a transaction of some description. What is it for you?

This is where both messaging and email break down to some extent. Communication is about context, and for humans to understand context, it needs to be simple, logical and sequential.

When we speak, we will often preamble with the context, such as ‘that deal with Joe Bloggs…’

Email enjoys some context, if the subject line is reasonable, and effectively becomes a thread for conversations about … whatever it is you are talking about.

Messaging has threads, but my experience is that is can be confussing.

Get context!9:30pm

The features of our integration are too rich to cover here, plus we would prefer you to reach out for more information.

The Revista integration manages transactional content to increase productivity, by:

structuring logically
providing contextual understanding
promoting chronology

We do this by anticipatory structuring, threading and seeding

sounds fun doesn’t it.

About Revista Team12:01am

The Revista team use slack internally and has supercharged output. We can now talk about tasks and transactions with context - productivity .


At the time of writing the integration is complete, but not released. We expect to have the integration on the marketplace within the next 2 months.

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