Revista Systems

What is Revista Systems CCM?

Mission Vision

Here at Revista, we like to think about business requirements differently to others. Our mission is to use clever design and the latest technology to create simple solutions to connect communications systems, trading systems and CRMs. In doing so we want to enable financial services firms to take control of their data for both compliance and business improvement.

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Integrated, flexible & Secure

Good design principles mean that the CCM integrates widely, provides flexibility of deployment and security in use. Low overall cost of ownership and high security are two of the features of cloud deployment.


An increasing list of standard integrations with communications platforms, (turrets, imap), as well as with trading systems & CRMs.

Rest APIs

APIs are the future of good workflow. We have data and client APIs and have to offer SDKs for even faster integration.


Multiple levels of internal & external security, including several levels of payload encryption make your data safe!


Low capex & overall cost of ownership plus fast deployment are only some of the benefits of using cloud services.

Analytics help improve voice performance and manage traffic flow. Match profit with effort for overall improvement.

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