Revista Systems CCM

CCM - Communications Convergence Manager

Revista Systems launches in the UK

Unveils Revista CCM - a new Communications Convergence Management (CCM) solution
Solves the problem of linking of communications metadata to trade enquiries
Facilitates transaction communications scrutiny and regulatory compliance
London - Tuesday 10th October 2017.

Today sees the official UK launch of Revista Systems; a new firm created to support the specialised communications needs of the financial services community. At the same time, the company is also delighted to announce the availability of Revista CCM, a unique communications convergence management solution which seamlessly links and tags all relevant voice, intercom, hoot, mobile, chat and other electronic mediums via a simple, intuitive user interface. The business is led by Umesh Patel, who mostly recently established and ran ICAP's RESET bond business. Revista System is a subsidiary of CSF Capital, a Melbourne based family office, led by serial entrepreneur Andrew Robinson.