Revista Systems

The best Communications Convergence Manager for financial markets

The Platform

An integrated, flexible and scalable platform that links all communications to deals or transactions, facilitating efficient regulatory compliance and business improvement.

Revista Systems provides a cloud-based platform to facilitate workflow, regulatory compliance and data enrichment in voice and other communications.

Revista Systems flexible solution links communications records from multiple channels to your business transactions – whether they are trades, deals or projects.

Recognising that financial services firms require easily integrated, non-disruptive, smart applications, the platform is configurable to any workflow across the client, deal or transaction lifecycle.

On a call a client calls asks sales for a quote. Putting the client on hold, the sales person presses the intercom for a price with the trading desk. The records of the call from the turret and the intercom are both assigned to the enquiry ...

Benefits ...

The benefits of implementing the CCM can be summarised in 3 areas, as follows.

Less Work

Integrating communications systems & channels, automating allocation and acting in real-time dramatically decrease manual work.

Better Compliance

Rebuild transactions in minutes, signal trader surveillance weightings prior to booking, capture trade times and best-ex logging.

Higher Productivity

Less manual work = more time for clients. Extend analytic to team productivity based using productivity dashboards.


Leaving aside design simplicity, the ease of deployment, ownership and use are the main features of the CCM platform. A rest-API and multiple integration options make for fast deployment.

  • Cloud deployment

    The CCM and all its components sit on Azure servers. Deployment options include a private cloud.
  • Very secure

    Payload encryption and a full suite of security measure are deployed to help owners sleep better.
  • Intuitive

    A simple & intuitive system that saves time on compliance related activities.

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