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Communication convergence manager - (CCM)
A new standard to address the challenges of the coalescence of communications and the varying preferences of business units, employees and clients to use each of them.

Start At The Beginning

Everything Relevant

Correct Workflow

The platform is unique in its capacity to structure and link all communications records to transactions, and is based on the following axioms:

  • Deals or trades commence from communications;
  • All communications that relate to a deal are relevant to that deal; and
  • The best people to link communications are those making them.

Timeline + Context

The lifecycle of a trade is a non-linear narrative - research emails here; voice calls there; Bloomberg or Symphony chat; and so on. The transaction timeline is more a tree than a line - multiple pathways of actions, reactions, voice calls and other communications.

Enriching the data set by structuring communications records makes a timeline (or tree) instantly available.

Crucially, structured metadata provides context; that is, the nature of events and other communications underway during the negotiation of a transaction.

Enriched data = exponentially smaller search area

Context reduces the search space. For every dimension of structured data added to the context, the search area is exponentially reduced. The result is substantially reduced human intervention and a much smaller triage window.

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